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DFA Football School 2024


The learning and training system for children and youth soccer players!

Suitable for girls and boys!
  •     versatile
  •     systematic
  •     motivating
  •     age-appropriate
  •     appropriate for children
  •     individual
  •     scientifically validated

Participation fee per child

  •     2 day DFA learning soccer school - 115 Euro
  •     3 days DFA-Lern-Fußballschule - 135 Euro
  •     4 days DFA-Lern-Fußballschule - 155 Euro
  •     5 days DFA learning soccer school - 175 Euro

DFA services for the participants

  •     4,5 hours of special DFA training every day
  •     DFA jersey set
  •     DFA youth soccer ball (age-appropriate)
  •     DFA drinking bottle
  •     DFA break drinks
  •     DFA bag
  •     DFA participant certificate
  •     Lunch snack

  DFA Training Principles

  • Supervision and training by specially trained DFA trainers
  • Training content selected according to age and ability
  • Learning-intensive and attractive training in small groups (10 - 12 participants)
  • Age- and performance-appropriate grouping for optimal learning success
  • Individual support at different training and game stations
  • Individual and group competitions
  • Experience-rich and fun-oriented learning with many success experiences

DFA Training Focus

  • Versatile ball-oriented movement training
  • Soccer specific coordination training
  • Dribbling and feinting
  • Attractive passing and goal scoring competitions
  • Motivating game and tournament forms
  • Special training with the Multi-Kick-Ball and the Airex mat
  • Speed training suitable for children and young people
  • Age-appropriate technique training with the help of individual video analysis
Football School
Football School

DFA Special Groups

Offer only valid with at least 8 registrations
Targeted supervision and training by a DFA special trainer
No involvement in the training and game stations of the Lern-Fußballschule
Age- and performance-based grouping for optimal learning success

  •     4 to 6 years: DFA pre-school
  •     7 to 12 years: DFA Football School
  •     13 to 18 years: DFA-Power School
  •     DFA goalkeeper school
  •     DFA girls' development group

DFA event schedule

  • First day of the event: registration of participants (from 30 minutes before the start of the event).
  • Welcome and group allocation
  • First learning and playing phase at various game and exercise stations
  • Lunch snack
  • Second learning and playing phase
  • Reflection on the day, preview of the next day and farewell to the participants
  • Last day of the event: big final presentation

DFA Final Day

As an absolute highlight of the soccer camp, the DFA final presentation will take place at the end of the last day of the event with the parents, other family members and friends of the participants as well as club representatives etc. as guests. The DFA partner club has the opportunity to generate income for the youth department by offering drinks, coffee, cakes, etc. at this event. to generate income for the youth department. The DFA final presentation will focus on the training demonstrations of the individual small groups under the motto "We'll show what we learned during the soccer camp!" Afterwards, the DFA participant certificates and prizes for special competitions will be presented to the participants as part of an "award ceremony," and the DFA youth soccer balls will be handed out. The final part of the event will be the DFA coaches' acknowledgements to DFA partner club officials, helpers, sponsors, etc., and the participants' farewells. The total duration of the DFA final presentation is about 90 minutes.
Football camp

Marketing & Advertisement

In the run-up to the soccer camp, the DFA office will provide the DFA partner club with comprehensive and ongoing advice. For on-site advertising, the DFA will provide the partner club with 150 specially designed flyers and 10 posters free of charge. If necessary, the number of flyers and posters can also be increased. DFA will provide suitable advertising materials for the club's homepage, the club's official Facebook page and the entire social media area, as well as appropriate text templates for press and public relations work in the local media. The DFA office promotes the event extensively in the social media area and in consultation with the youth/sports office of the respective municipality/city. Furthermore, DFA continuously informs the representatives of the partner club and the parents of the registered participants. The registration of the participants takes place via the DFA homepage, so that there is no effort for the organizing DFA partner club.

DFA Bonus Programme 2024 for partner clubs in the implementation of a football school

The DFA has also put together a bonus program for partner clubs in 2024. All bonus benefits are performance-related and must be agreed with the DFA office in each individual case after the successful implementation of the soccer camp. From 36 participants, a free workshop for club coaches will be held during the soccer camp and 150 euros will be paid out or a shopping voucher for the DFA store worth 250 euros will be provided. If there are 50 or more participants, 200 euros will be paid out or a shopping voucher for the DFA store worth 350 euros will be provided. In general, the partner club is offered favorable purchasing opportunities for teaching materials, training materials, jersey outfits, etc. through the DFA. This results in a special discount when purchasing products from the DFA partner companies Capelli-Sport, Bazooka, Smartgoals, Sami-Cap, Taktifol, Dextro Energie, etc. in the DFA store. Furthermore, there is a discount after consultation with the DFA office for club purchases in the DFA store worth at least 500 euros.
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