DFAGoalkeeper Days2021

DFA Deutsche Fussball Akademie

DFA Goalkeeper Days 2021

according to the Gerd Thissen method

Goalkeeper day (age group 6-13 years)
  •     DFA-goalkeeper basic training (ball feeling, basic posture, catching, lateral rolling, pike)
  •     Games and competition forms

Goalkeeper day special (age group 14-18 years)
  •     DFA-goalkeeper advanced training (ball feeling, basic posture, catching, lateral rolling, pike, deflecting, running out)
  •     Video-based analysis of individual goalkeeping technique
  •     Games and forms of competition

Day camp with training focus

Suitable for girls and boys!

Participation fee per child / youth
  •     DFA Goalkeeper Day (6-13 years) 45 Euro
  •     DFA Goalkeeper Day Special (14-18 years) 55 Euro

DFA services for the participants
  •     4.5 hours of special DFA goalkeeper training
  •     DFA youth soccer (age-appropriate)
  •     DFA drinking bottle
  •     DFA break drinks
  •     DFA participant certificate
  •     Lunch snack

DFA-Training Focus

  • Supervision and training by specially trained DFA goalkeeper coaches
  • Training content selected according to age and ability
  • Learning-intensive and attractive training in small groups (6 - 8 participants)
  • Age- and performance-appropriate grouping for optimal learning success
  • Individual support at different training and game stations
  • Individual and group competitions
  • Experience-rich and fun-oriented learning with many success experiences

DFA Age Classes

  • 6-13 years
  • 14-18 years

DFA-Event Schedule

  • Participant registration from 30 minutes before the start of the event
  • Welcome and group allocation
  • First learning and playing phase at various game and exercise stations
  • Lunch snack
  • Second learning and playing phase
  • Big final presentation and farewell of the participants

Marketing & Advertisement

  •     For advertising purposes, DFA will provide 150 flyers and 10 posters free of charge.
  •     The event will be advertised by the DFA in the "new media".
  •     The DFA will provide suitable advertising materials for the club's homepage or the official Facebook page of the club.
  •     The registration of the participants takes place via the DFA homepage, so that there is no effort for the organizing club.
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